Volume 2-Issue 2-2018

Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Scientific Journal (AEEESJ)  Volume 2 ISSUE 2-2018


Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Scientific Journal (AEEESJ)

Volume 2-Issue2-2018

Dynamic Change of Solar PV system based on Fuzzy Logic Integrable System

S.O Moro , A.S Laros, R.T Manderolaso, and F.M. Takorioss


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The dynamic changes of the energy distribution connected to the renewable energy source allow consumers to access their resources in different ways. In order to maintain shifting between the main source and the centralized resources, we need to fix loads to accept power from the changeable resources based on the distribution over the grid. The photovoltaic system can operate at the conversion stage based on its behavior at that moment. To make the switching processed reliable and flexible, an intelligent system is used based on the Fuzzy logic sequences of operations and based on the determination of the output/input characteristics of the PV system. Different scenarios are presented based on the technology used in PV manufacturing and the main objective of this research is to integrate the two systems in such a way the human factor will be minimized. The simulation program used showed promising results to eliminate the use of transformers and performing the communication through using the magnetic switches. .


System and method for measuring and controlling losses in an electrical power distribution grid

Shizar Zada and Ihsan Wahidy


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A system and method for measuring the consumption of power in an electrical distribution grid. The system may include at least two communicating meters which form a transformer area network, a mechanism for measuring current and voltage at the meters, a mechanism for controlling the measured current and voltage data to a data center with access to an electric grid database, and a mechanism that storing the transmitted data to inter unauthorized taking of electrical power.

 Using emotional techniques Transformation to Increase the Dependency on Machine Learning techniques for Classification

Aslan AB, Morgan F.


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One of the important challenges is how to add emotions to the machine (Robot). Modern technology uses fuzzy-logic and neural-networks techniques. In this research, we propose a new technique based on using wavelet transform to identify the motion actions based on the discrete wavelet transformation. The method showed improvement compared to the mentioned methods by 12%. Database and related mechanisms are used to store, analyze data.