Student Best Paper Competition

Student Paper Competition (Best Paper) Award

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PUSPC Unit: Energy Saving and Renewable Energy Division (ESRED)
Date Established: 2020
Achievement: Best Student Paper presented at the Online CONFERENCE: ICEERE2021
Limitations: Students must be BS/MS level
Nomination Deadline: December 5th, 2020
The form of Award: $1000.00 and full support to attend the conference ICEERE2021
The frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: PUSPC Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Executive Committee (Panel)
Selecting Process: Review of paper and presentation. There generally is not just a single award given, but multiple acknowledgments with a tiered distribution of travel funds provided by the Executive Committee.
Funding: PUSPC Fund
Date Created: 6/6/2018
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Conditions  The submitted paper should be original and not submitted to other Journals or Conferences.
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Energy Efficiency: 
1. Energy efficiency to bridge the gap to alternate energy
2. Energy audits and energy efficiency research
3. Energy efficiency principles: Sense and Control ,Manipulation of the system to minimize energy profile ,, Using the environment for free energy 

- Solar Energy:
 1. SHC Systems and Components
 2. SHC Applications
 3. Producing and Storing Renewable Electricity 
 4. Renewable Energy Grid Integration & Distribution: 
 5. Off-Grid & Rural Energy Access 
 6. Solar Architecture and Building Integration
 7. Renewable Cities and Community Power Programs
 8. Solar Resource Assessment and Energy Meteorology 
- Wind Energy

JEAMP accepts articles in the field of engineering and applied sciences:
1- Mechanical Engineering
2- Civil Engineering
3- Industrial Engineering
4- Electrical Engineering
5- Environmental Engineering
6- Chemical Engineering
7- Architectural Engineering
8- Biological science
9- Environmental science
10- Biotechnology
11- Biomathematics
12- Applied mathematics
13- Applied Physics
14- Earth Science