Volume 1 ISSUE 3-2017

Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Scientific Journal (AEEESJ)  Volume 1 ISSUE 3-2017


Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Scientific Journal (AEEESJ)

Volume 1-Issue 3-2017

Analysis of Damping Torque Contributed By the Amortisseur Winding Effect

K. El-Sherbiny      Ali M. Yousef


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The present paper investigates a general formula of the net damping torque.  The relation between electrical torque, mechanical torque, terminal voltage and rotor angle is considered. The main idea of this paper is to obtain the effect of the damper winding on system performance and dynamic stability.  An accurate method for the calculation of the damping and synchronizing torque coefficients with and without damper winding effects have been considered. The percentage ratio of the damping and synchronizing torque is evaluated.

Design and Implementation of Analog Isolation Circuit Used in Industrial Applications



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Most of the data acquisition systems require isolation for the digital and analog signals. This is considered to be one of the main issues in the industry, since it represents a noisy environment, in addition to the fact that ground loops create an unwanted effect and should be avoided. In this paper, a circuit is designed and implemented for isolating a standard analog signal in industrial control applications, and its characteristics are measured.

A Study of a Large Industrial System under the Reliability of Materials and Fuzzy Logic Control

Ravindra Sharma


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Without material, no device can be made. Material failure is a loss of energy. All damages, risk, hazard, calamity, disaster occurs only due to the failure of a material in the devices. The failures of materials is very serious and accidental. One can form a fuzzy set of the materials according to density , thermal conductivity or tensile strength and it can be fuzzified and then defuzzified to obtain the results. This is material modeling and simulation based on physical parameters and effective parameters. There are a large number of external forces that can damage a material and loss of material can occur. Thanks to fuzzy logic that can point out the cardinal materials and their reliability attributes.

Precision Analysis Of Lifting Filters  For Jpeg2000 Standard

Adnan M. Brifcani


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Recently the lifting based implementation of discrete wavelet transform has been proposed to reduce the number of computations and memory requirements and to achieve lossy to lossless performance with finite precision. In this paper, we made a precision analysis for the 5/3 lossless filter and 9/7 lossy filter, which adopted by the JPEG2000 standard. We determine the number of required bits for the implementation of 5/3 filter and 9/7 filter. Simulation results show that we can achieve lossy to lossless performance with a specified number of extension bits by using integer arithmetic for both the 5/3 filter and 9/7 filter.

An Improved Analytical Short-Channel MOSFET Model For Digital Switching Circuit Analysis

O.  A. AL-Kishriewo


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A new improved short channel MOSFET analytical model is developed for the first time which includes field dependent mobility based on the Maxwellian approximation where the electron temperature is limited by acoustic phonon scattering. The model applied for the switching analysis of sub-micron devices, including the major physical parasitic source-drain series resistance effect on the drain current characteristics, is implicitly included in the computer analysis incorporating the non-linearity of the surface potential due to combination of drift-diffusion current, leading to a continuous output characteristic current. Optimization of the device performance in circuit simulation considering rise, fall and delay times are analyzed using appropriate digital circuit including ring oscillator. Furthermore, the new model has been implemented on design program tool. The preliminary simulations using the new model verified its applicability for different digital VLSI technology. The accuracy, simplicity, continuity are key features of the proposed model making the characteristic results very suitable for different kinds of applications including low-power, high speed of operation and time delay in digital applications.